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Online Business Idea Web Design

Web designers are constantly in hot demand and so many consider the online business idea WEB DESIGN. Whenever people are looking for online business ideas, web design is one of the most common results they come out with. After all, they’re the architects of the visual elements of the internet that we users interact with every day. And since web designers are responsible for ensuring a fluid, attractive user experience on each website they build, they can afford to charge highly favorable rates for their services. If you have training or skills in graphic design you can easily start your own web design business without leaving the comfort of your home office.

When just starting out, some of the tools to learn are adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator. You will also have to learn some basic programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, Flash, Javascript, jQuery, or PHP.

5 Tips: Online Business Idea Web Design

Online Business Idea Web Design

Online Business Idea Web Design

1) Establish a Brand – When starting your business it can be helpful to focus in on a specific design niche – for example, working solely for customers on a platform such as Tumblr, facebook, or WordPress. Targeting specific design needs will give you access to a specific market. Also, having mastery of one platform will ensure that you’re playing to your strengths and putting out high quality work. It will also alleviate much of the stress that comes from competing with seasoned web design pros. And don’t be afraid of getting even more specific: the more precise and rare your niche, the higher you can charge clients. Another factor to consider is that you should make sure you have an appealing website to attract customers. There are loads of tips if you’re an e-commerce website about, how to design your shopify store or how to design an eBay store. The list is endless but knowing the right platform is depended on what you will be offering.

2) Create a Portfolio Website – One thing that’s going to help you get high-paying work is a killer portfolio site. Many web designers gloss over this, eager to start bidding on projects, but it’s absolutely crucial. An excellent, professional-looking portfolio site is instant proof that you have marketable skills and can deliver a great product.

3) Learn Sales or Partner Up! – Prospecting for new business is key and learning sales is a must. Find a partner if selling is hard for you.

4) Stay Up To Date with Trends – Network with online communities and stay up to date with new design trends.

If you’re new to web design, check out the video tutorials at You can also find some helpful instructional videos on YouTube. If you’re looking for projects to bid on, sign up for an account on freelance job sites like Elance and oDesk.

5) Collaborate – Find groups of people around your niche that you can provide design work for at a discount. If you do logo design or startup web design, find startup attorneys, startup websites, local chambers, and others that interact with new businesses and give them an affiliate fee for referring business your way. Collaboration will build your sales team and make your online business idea web design a success.

online business idea WEB DESIGN: Places to Start

W3 Schools – HTML coding resource

Team Treehouse – Web Design Learning resource

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