Online Business Idea START A BLOG

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Online Business Idea Start a Blog

Online Business Idea START A BLOG: Gone are the days when blogs were simply a way to disseminate information, share your opinions, or publish angsty high school poetry. There are now serious moneymakers online. Countless bloggers now make a comfortable living solely off their blogs, thanks to revenue streams from ads and subscriber fees.

Online Business Idea Start a Blog

Online Business Idea Start a Blog

Of course, the hardest part is getting started. Below are the 4 Steps to Starting Your Online Blog…

Step 1) Topic Discovery

First things first, you’ll want to take some time to analyze your passions, interests, and skills. Decide on a topic that you can spend a lot of time on (it could be anything from finance to healthy living or politics). Make sure to analyze the market using the standard market mapping process to make sure there is a niche or viable way to monetize. A good keyword tool to use to find out exactly what people are searching for is Long Tail Pro. I purchased this and use it whenever I am trying to brainstorm or determine search volume for a keyword for SEO or for a new website topic. long tail pro

Step 2) Start Your Website

Next, sign up with WordPress for a free account (or choose another blogging platform) or start your own website using WordPress as an application. WordPress is great because they offer loads of help for when it comes to starting your website. For example, you could take a look at using WordPress Hosting – free malware scanning to help protect your website once it’s been created. The WordPress platform is user-friendly, features a massive amount of plugins, and is easy to customize. Next, you’ll want to lock down a domain name through a web hosting service. There are many to choose from, but BlueHost is a great choice.

Step 3) WordPress Theme Selection

Next, if you start your own website blog, you’ll have to come up with a theme (here are some affordable & effective themes for beginners) for your website and start generating content. This is the StudioPress theme that I use for this website: eleven40 Theme For more information on how to make your first website and theme setup: click here StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Step 4) Consistent & Valuable Content

The hardest part of this business model is how to provide new, relevant, and valuable content CONSISTENTLY. This business model is definitely not easy. It will take a while to find your audience and for google to index and rank your content. Being creative on how to present content and headlines in addition to other marketing strategies can jumpstart your Blog, but consistent and valuable content is the core value proposition.

More Tips to the Online Business Idea Start a Blog

Content and Niche Selection – Be very specific

The key to starting a blog that will be monetizable is to pick a niche that you can compete in. You want to use a tool like LongTail Pro to find keywords that both have search traffic and where the competition is low. As a new blog you won’t be able to compete with huge websites that target competitive keywords. So, NICHE DOWN (find something specific to blog about), find something you can be an expert at, and launch your online business idea START A BLOG! If you really want to kick things into high gear, you can hire freelance writers through sites like Elance to generate content for you and if you need a blog made check out wordpress blog design for ideas. Once your blog is online, start spreading the word through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, epic content, a unique message, and partnershps and connections within your industry. Encourage everyone you know to read, and target the key demographics that will likely find your blog interesting. Once you have enough daily hits on your site, you can start to monetize that web traffic through services like Google AdSense, membership content, courses, affiliate links, and other methods. Now that you’ve read the 4 steps that it takes to create a successful blog visit to start a blog today and you can have your thoughts, ideas and points of view online for everyone to read in no time. RESOURCES & PLACES to START for: Online Business Idea Start a Blog Seth Godin – expert / popular blogger Marginal Revolution – popular blog example GetRichSlowly – example of a blog that makes money in a competitive niche Jeff Goins – Intentional Blogging – writing and blogging expert CopyBlogger – content marketing and copywriting