Niche Website with Affiliate Links

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Niche Website Affiliate Links

Another online business idea is a Niche Website with affiliate links.  Affiliate links is another way to monetize your website.  With affiliate links, you get paid when someone from your site clicks on a link that sends them to another site, from which they make a purchase.

Niche Website with Affiliate Links

Niche Website with Affiliate Links

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What are Affiliate Links and How Do Affiliate Links Work?

Building a niche website with affiliate links is a great, relatively hassle-free way to generate traffic and revenue on the web. It’s so easy nowadays to get niche edit links put onto your website. The concept is simple: affiliate links are hyperlinks for websites that relate to the theme of your site and add value to the customer by referring them to tools, programs, or resources that they are interested in purchasing.

The first step in creating a niche website with affiliate links is to do your market research.  This step cannot be skipped!

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How to Start a Niche Website with Affiliate Links

  • Search for keywords that people online are searching for and compare the competition for those keywords until you discover an “un-tapped” niche.
  • Use Keyword Planner (free) and or LongTail Pro.
  • Find niches with at least 2,000 to 3,000 search volume.
  • Compare top ten google competition sites – use page authority, link profile, and other metrics to measure competitiveness.
  • Pick your niche
  • Purchase Hosting, write or hire content writers, launch the site.
  • Network, Build links, optimize your site.
  • Monetize with affiliate links

Make Your Affiliate Links Relevant to Your Audience

The key to affiliate links is value and trust.  There are a lot of sites that place affiliate links hoping to trick people into purchasing etc… However, to be successful you need to know your audience well enough to provide them the tools and referrals that they truly need and value.  You also have to provide some authority or build trust so that people will follow the recommendations (affiliate links) that you offer.

A good strategy is to provide three times as much content and value as you do time “selling”.  Don’t just add affiliate links to any affiliate program available.  Make it relevant to your audience needs and recommend only good products and services.

Where to Start in making a Niche Website with Affiliate Links

Best Survival Knife Review – Niche Website with Affiliate Links

Tent Reviews – Niche Website with Affiliate Links

Super Weddings – Example Niche Website with Affiliate Links

CanisterVacuumsForSale – Example Niche Website with Affiliate Links

Smart Passive Income – Top affiliate blog

If you need help starting your first niche website with affiliate links let us know.