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how to build a broker website

Another great way to attract a passionate audience is to build a broker site.

What is a Broker Site?

Broker sites are essentially marketplaces where individuals can buy or sell a property – including domain names, fully operational websites, other products or services, or even small brick and mortar businesses. Other broker sites sell financial products or investment packages that users can buy into. Some even have apps to allow clients to buy financial products and packages like what the beste Broker App in Germany does. Though an app is something you may want to think about later on down the line, a Broker Site is usually the best method to start with.

Why Build a Broker Site?

Niche Site Build a Broker Site

Niche Site Build a Broker Site

If executed properly, broker sites, like this bitcoin bank breaker, are great because they serve a concrete transactional service to the people who use it. If your broker site becomes a popular place to buy and sell a specific product, you’ll have a dedicated core of users coming to your site on a regular basis. This is great for a business broker since a site allows customers to view the businesses you have for sale, making the possibility of a transaction more likely.

To get a feel for how successful broker sites operate, check out Flippa, which specializes in websites and domain names. If you’re interested in dealing with physical properties such as retail businesses, take a look at BizBen, a site that brokers the sale of small businesses in California.
To get started

  • Market map your niche broker site.
  • Launch your website – with small or no fees.
  • Slowly increase your fees and monetization.

Places to Start – To Build a Broker Site

Flippa – a website broker site

Empire Flippers – a website broker site and website brokerage site

BizBen – California Business Broker Site

SecondMarket – a secondary market broker site

If you need help starting your online business or if you decide to build a broker site let us know.