facebook-group-iconsMyNextBusinessIdea Hosts 2 FB Support Groups.  The Pro Launch & Developmental Groups.  The Pro Launch is a group dedicated for the most committed, and consistent members, and for those with the best ideas (as voted on by the community).  The Dev Group is a group open to those seeking ideas who also want to take the step to join the Pro Launch Group.

PRO Launch FB Group1) – PRO LAUNCH GROUP: (a Secret FB Group)

  • for sharing the communities’ best ideas
  • for shared marketing, and promotion
  • for joint venture & funding opportunities (myNBI & community funding)

2) – DEVELOPMENTAL GROUP: (a closed FB Group Open to all)

  • for ideas
  • shared marketing and promotion
  • 1st step to being voted in to PRO LAUNCH GROUP



1) Join the DEV GROUP


2) Fill out the form below…Participate in the DEV GROUP

3) At announced times VOTE for the best DEV MEMBERS to Join the PRO LAUNCH GROUP

DEV Group & PRO Launch Schedule:

  1. Sunday: Share your current project or New Idea
  2. Monday: Share a blog post you want comments or links to
  3. Tuesday: Share a FB post you want liked or Tweet you want retweeted
  4. Wednesday: Share any other social media (Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…)
  5. Thursday: How can I improve my Business Spotlight (1 featured business)
  6. Friday: New Ideas Friday
  7. Saturday: rest