How to Start a Local Travel & Tour Business

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How to Start a LOCAL Travel and tour business

Do you live in an area which receives a lot of tourists, or is receiving a growing number of them every year?

How to Start a LOCAL Travel and tour business

How to Start a LOCAL Travel and tour business

Have you thought of a great idea for a fun activity or tour those tourists might enjoy?

Well, perhaps it’s time you entered the travel and tours business. With the internet connecting virtually everyone today, it’s easier than ever to promote your tours and connect with potential buyers. You can even leverage huge platforms with millions of tourists on them to market and promote your idea.

Step 1: Think of an Idea & Decide Who it’s For

Different people like different things.

Those who would enjoy a birdwatching tour, taking in the fascinating array of winged wildlife in your area, are not likely to be the same group who would enjoy a pub crawl, taking in the local nightlife and bars.

Think of an idea, from hiking in the mountains to exploring a historical site, to a fine dining tour of the best spots in your city. The ideas are limited only by your imagination, but think about who you are aiming for and what they’re likely to enjoy, and how much they can likely afford before you get started.

Here are some great ideas:

A local camping trip. Take them out to see the best outdoors areas in your country.

A ghost tour. People love this and travellers will eat it up. Take them to haunted sites and houses, and tell them of local legends and ghost stories.

Adventure sports. Is there a great rock-climbing spot nearby? How about surfing or snorkelling spots? Perhaps there’s a forest which hikers would love to explore? Think about what adventures you could take clients on, and offer them to the right target market.

Step 2: Get Insured

If you’re doing something which involves guiding people and there’s any potential for injury or loss, you’ll always need insurance to cover yourself. Assess your options thoroughly, and look into public liability insurance and group coverage and find the right insurance package for your business needs but make sure the insurance quote is reasonable enough. This is a step you don’t want to miss.

Step 3: Connect with Potential Buyers

Getting the word about your tours is easier than it has ever been. Thanks to the internet, and the fact that virtually everyone is connected today, you can promote your ideas to millions of people on the move.

Market your local travel tour business by harnessing the power of:

Tripadvisor – Create a page for your tour or activity, do a few freebies and ask your clients to review it favourably. This will quickly get the word out to lots of people that your activity is something worth doing while in town.

Air BnB – If you have a spare room at your home you can score a double win. People will pay to come stay in your spare room for a fair price, and this means you have a chance to promote your tour or activity to them. Just create a poster or some leaflets, with the help of digital print services, and distribute them to everyone who comes to stay with you.

A Blog/Website – The best way to get the word out and promote your tour in the long-term is to start a blog. Create posts which show real people having fun, describe what you did, and include some high-definition images, and people will soon be contacting you for more information. It can take some time to build a winning blog, but it is worth it.

Success Story:

Promote in Person – Is there a particular street or area in your city where travellers and tourists tend to stay? Try going to talk to them in person. Ask youth hostels owners if you can put up a poster, and create a referral system for service industry workers who are likely to have access to tourists, like Uber drivers and hotel staff. Give them a commission for every client they send you.

Start a Website – quick launch your website

Most tourists look online to do a little research on the areas they’re planning to visit and you want to be one of the attractions they see. To do so, you need to make a stylish website with SEO to boost your ranks and put you at the top. It might be worth outsourcing your SEO needs to businesses such as Nimbus Marketing so that you can focus on the start up of your businesses. Additionally, if you don’t know much about SEO, it might be best to leave it to the professionals. Leaving it to the professionals will just make things a lot easier for you, you won’t have to worry about a thing. You can just sit back and relax, whilst watching the professionals do all the hard work. If this sounds like the ideal working environment for you then make sure you check out someone like this king of seo, you won’t regret your decision. On the other hand though, if you think you can manage by yourself then go right ahead! Just know that there is always going to be someone there who is willing to help you out if needs be.
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Step 4: Capture Feedback

In this digital age, it’s all about feedback. Capture feedback from your satisfied clients, both written and video (always with their consent), and use it to further promote your blog, website or account.

People are likely to tell other tourists they meet if they have a good time, but you can’t replace good old-fashioned testimonials when it comes to promoting your tour or travel experience online.

Summary – How to Start your local tour and travel business

As the world becomes smaller and smaller, and more and more people begin to travel and explore this magnificent world we live in, there’s a business opportunity here for anyone with a unique idea, or a different spin on something tried and tested.

Global tourism is a BIG pie. You only need a little slice to succeed in this business. What are you waiting for?