How to start a Membership Website plus 17 opt in ideas

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How to create a membership website

This article will show you how to start a niche membership website and give you 17 opt in ideas.

How to create a membership website

How to create a membership website

If you want to build a web business that’s based on educating people about a subject you have expertise in, you should consider a niche site with a Membership for Premium Content model. You can also click here and see how to create a website on one of the biggest platforms out there – WordPress, so you can reach a wider audience and build upon your business and your brand. If you have no idea where to being though when it comes to creating a website, then you can always look to hire a professional (you can check out GO Creative Websites for a bit more information on this). Sometimes hiring a professional can be a big help, particularly if you don’t know where to begin. But if you are planning on doing it by yourself, then you’ll want to make the site all about the value of the information you provide. That means you’ll have to produce quality in-depth content that your audience finds valuable on a regular basis. It might be helpful for some people to consider talking professionals about how to make your website rank on google so you can improve traffic. My friend told me that Omaha SEO had some useful information.

Membership sites work on two tiers.

1) The 1st tier = free content…that any visitor can see when they check out your website.

2) The 2nd tier = premium content…paid members only content.

Most successful membership sites work well because they’ve found the right mix of free and premium content. You don’t want to give too
much information away for free, but at the same time you need to convince visitors that your website is useful enough to warrant paying
a monthly fee.

4 Steps How To start your membership website:

Membership Website Creation Step 1) Create a WordPress Website

1) FIND A DOMAIN & SETUP HOSTING – do some research before committing to ensure you find the best website hosting solution for your business.

2) INSTALL WORDPRESS – one click wordpress install after sign up with bluehost.

3) CHOOSE A FREE OR PREMIUM THEME – Studiopress is who I use for premium themes (SEO ready, Fast Load Time, Solid Genesis Framework)

Membership Website Creation Step 2) Create 1 pillar free giveaway

  • create it yourself or hire at upwork , Fiverr , or other freelance for hire website.
  • 17 Free opt in offer ideas/ giveaway ideas:

    • free course or workshop
    • free webinar
    • free ebook or 1-2 chapters from a book
    • free downloadable articles
    • free access to a resource page or personal swipe file or personal rolodex
    • chance to win a contest prize
    • survey or survey results
    • “5 tips how to…(whatever you are pitching)”
    • “3 Steps how to …(whatever you are pitiching) without (whatever problem they are experiencing)”
    • Free Digital Workbook (spreadsheet, Excel download, etc…)
    • Cheat Sheets
    • Templates or printables
    • Audio Recordings
    • Video Demos
    • Physical Products mailed to their house
    • Hacks
    • Free consultations or service

Membership Website Creation Step 3) Create 1 pillar premium offering

best if created by you or the expert. You can use similar support sites and content ideas listed above. Just be sure to over deliver with quality content so that word of mouth, social shares, and backlinks to your niche membership website will grow.

How do I secure the content for my membership website? Yes, there are a lot of options here as well.

Tools and Setup instructions to add membership content only areas…see video below.

Membership Website Creation Step 4) Build Out Website with Consistent Content

Next you will need to create consistent content for your membership website. Having a calendar of due dates to post content will help you stay accountable and notify your customers what to expect. If your website is scaling fast you may need to hire someone part-time to help you with your admin or even content creation.

Resources – Places to Start

WordPress Plugin: Paid Memberships Pro

Leaders | Experts | Industry Examples
Audio Tuts – example of a website offering courses to premium members