How to Start a Driving School Business

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How to start a driving school business

Why don’t you learn how to start a driving school business? It’s not like you’ll ever run out of clientele, so let’s look at the steps you’ll need to follow. We will show you how to start a driving school business.

Step 1: Get Licensed

How to start a driving school business

How to start a driving school business

Just like you need a license to drive a car, you’ll also need one to teach people how to do it. This means you’ll need to be a legal adult, have sufficient eyesight (you’ll be given a vision test), be in decent physical shape (another test), pass a background test, and have a good driving record.

You will need to fill out an application to get your driving instructor license at your local DMV, though this is procedure and no guarantee you’ll pass.

The licensing requirements are a bit different from one state to the next, but the above is a fair generalization. Just know that if you have a number of traffic violations on your record, you probably won’t be getting that license.

Step 2: Take Classes

Once again, the classes you need to take will depend on the state you plan on teaching in. However, rest assured that learning how to start a driving school business will involve being tested in a classroom and behind the wheel.

Some of the hard things students will want to learn is…how to do hill starts in a manual driven car. Here is a video that shows you how:

You can even specialize the type of driving school you provide:

Step 3: Find a Place to Teach

The next step in learning how to start a driving school business is figuring out how you’ll handle your classes. Obviously, much of this will occur behind the wheel while on the road. However, you’ll need a classroom too. Local high schools are usually your best option. This will also make it easy to find students in need of getting their license.

Step 4: Consider Outfitting Your Car

Whenever one of your students is driving behind the wheel, you’ll need to alert your fellow drivers with a “Student Driver” sign. However, it’s also a really good idea to have dual steering wheels installed. In some states, this may even be a requirement. In any case, they’re incredibly handy and will help you stay safe when an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel.
With dual wheels, you’ll still have one—and pedals—on your side of the car. Therefore, you can take control of the vehicle whenever you want from the passenger side. This will help soothe any anxieties nervous drivers may have as well as their parents (to say nothing of your own). You may also want to look at for a dash cam as this can help in the event on an accident.

That’s pretty much all there is to learning how to start a driving school business. It’s a fun way to make a decent income every single year.

Step 5: Market Your Service / Create a Website

Create your Driving School Websiteclick here for step by step guide.

driving school signs

driving school signs

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