How to Start a Computer Repair Business with IT and Networking Services

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If there’s one thing in this world people will always need, it’s someone who knows computers. It is for the reason that there are always Computer Support Companies who can help businesses that have issues with their computers but don’t have their own computer support staff.

While virtually every household has, at least, one computer or laptop, you can bet that 95% of the people who own them don’t know the difference between a motherboard and a hoverboard.

BUT, is a computer repair business even viable these days? Some experts would say NO!

That’s where your business plan comes in. A knowledge of how to build, maintain and repair computers, as well as make them perform optimally, may have to be only part of your service line. To be successful consider a business that offers IT & NETWORKING SERVICES for businesses in addition to computer repair. Do you even know if you have the right computer for you working conditions? Sometimes the reason that your computer might be breaking is because it cannot cope with the conditions that it is in. For example, if you are working in a steel manufacturing business then you probably need to check out the computers from something like CKS Solutions Limited. There are different types of computer designs and it would seem that some people aren’t aware of this, which is why it is very important to make sure you have the right computer that can work in your working environment.

Step 1: Learn the Ins and Outs

Learning IT Services & Networking

network-patch-bay-learn how to start a networking business

network-patch-bay-learn how to start a networking business

The best way to learn this part of the business is to work for someone that already has a successful IT & Networking business like IT Support from Custard. This will not only teach you how to perform 95% of the things you will need to know how to solve, but also how to sell it and create a business from your services.

Find a GOOD, RESPECTED, & PROFITABLE business already doing this, and volunteer / work for them for six months.

Learning to Build & Repair

Believe it or not, learning to build and repair computers won’t take you all that long. There are a few major parts responsible for most malfunctions, and once you have these covered you’ll be leagues ahead of most of the population in terms of knowledge.

You can take a short course at any night college or even via distance learning. This business won’t require you to have a license, and virtually nobody is going to ask to see proof of education unless you get into business computer maintenance. Most people just want to know you can get the job done, and word of mouth will take care of that.

Once you learn the theory, order some parts and try to build, take apart and rebuild your own computers at home. You could even buy some old models from websites and fiddle around with them. Nothing beats experience.

Step 2: Get the Right Tools

There are different tools needed for IT Services & Computer Repair.


For networking you will need tools to manage CAT5 cables and installation of networks as well as tools to test the network. There are some good computer network installation kits available.

50 piece computer networking installation tool kit with multi module cable tester

50 piece computer networking installation tool kit with multi module cable tester


You’ll need some parts for the most popular forms of computer (Mac Books, etc), or you’ll need a local supplier who can provide them on demand. For rare parts, you can use sites like and have an account set up with express delivery. People won’t want to wait around in this business, as they need their computers to function these days.


Get a supplier set up and get the tools you’ll need to fix computers. Mini screwdrivers, electrical current monitors, solderers and various pieces of diagnostic and fine-tuning software should all be part of your toolkit. Do be aware that some of the software you can download to help computers run better will only be licensed for use on one computer. You need to get a business license with these vendors if you’re going to use their software on multiple computers.

Step 3: Build a Service Team and Tech-Team

Service and Installation Team

Because network installation will be a part of your business, building a team that specailizes in just network installs for small local businesses will be a way to scale your business. You can be the person that evaluates the project, places the bid, and sells the job to the local business. Then you can map and pass the project on to your service team, while you perform quality control at the end of the job. All of these processes can also be streamlined and automated using the likes of Service Management software options available from companies such as ServiceMax and others. This can be a way to do more volume installs and keep your time available for the more valuable business building needs.

Virtual Tech Team

Nobody knows everything, but in this game, your team will be a virtual one. While you’ll do the hands-on work, you can subscribe to various hotlines and web forums which offer instant troubleshooting advice.

Having these people on standby, ready to talk you through virtually any problem, with any model of computer, will allow you to handle any problem you encounter live on site, even ones you haven’t encountered before. and can help you with any computer program and can even remotely take over a computer and fix software malfunctions!

Step 4: Market Your Computer & Networking Services

Create an IT Services, Networking, & Repair Website. This can be done very affordably and quickly with WordPress. Below are some quicklinks and guides how to get this website off the ground.

how to make your first website

Step 5: Launch

Congratulations! You’re ready to launch. You might consider advertising options like Google Ads specifically for your area, but word of mouth will be your best friend in this business.

Start by helping friends and family in your spare time, get a business phone and some cards, and you’ll soon find yourself with plenty of requests.

You may also need a vehicle to help you get from A-B, and if you’re going to be working in gated communities or apartment buildings, you may need to get some sort of police background check or security clearance to be able to enter.

Summary – How to Start a Computer Repair Business with IT & Networking Services

While there are many computers in the world and it’s sheer probability that some are going to break every day, the margins for repair are low. The cost to acquire a customer is likely too high to build only a computer repair business.

So if you want to enter this arena, add IT Services and Business Networking Services that you can scale with installation teams and meet a need for your local business community.

Let us know if we can help you plan or get your business started.