How to Start a Braille Transcribing Business

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how to start a braille transcription business

There are 1.3 million legally blind americans…some of those people, some of the businesses serving those people, and others need braille transcription. This article will show you how to start a braille transcribing business.

how to start a braille transcription business

how to start a braille transcription business

Transcribing Braille is an industry many people feel called for. If you’re one of those people, the following will show you how you can actually start your own company doing this.

Step 1: Learn Braille Transcribing

Obviously, you’ll need to start out learning how to transcribe brail. Until you do this, you have no shot at learning how to start a Braille transcribing business. However, you really need to master this talent if you wish to become a transcriber, much less start your own company built around this service.
Any good sized city should have at least one school that teaches Braille. The teachers there will help you get signed up to earn certification too.

Step 2: Become a Transcriber

Next, you need to become an actual transcriber. While it may be tempting to take your certification and immediately start a business, the better move is to seek employment first. For one thing, learning how to start a Braille transcribing business will be a lot easier when you observe one firsthand.

Furthermore, learning how to be a Braille transcriber isn’t all about the classroom. Take this time to sharpen your attention to detail, communication abilities and other technical skills.
The other issue to consider is that starting a business is hard work. If you only just got your certification, you’ll have a hard time staying in practice if you’re constantly focused on starting a company.

Step 3: Start Out on Your Own

Eventually, understanding how to start a Braille transcribing business may mean learning how to bring others on, this will lead you to having to eventually think about what is best sole trader or limited company for when you’re needing to register your business. However, you may be content working for yourself as a transcriber and you’ll only be needing to register your business as a sole trader. It completely depends on how you’re aiming to grow your business. Either way, this is the next step you need to take.

Launch your own Websiteclick here to learn how to create your first website.

Step 4: Hire on Others

Once you feel comfortable running your own business, you may decide that you’d like employees working for you. The nice thing about this is that the American Council of the Blind provides a list of registered transcribers all over the country. This makes hiring that much easier as you know who is qualified to fill these positions, and as long as you discover more about how to retain them with rewards and benefits.

Unless you just don’t like the idea, keep in mind that you can run a Braille transcribing business from your home and have employees work for you remotely. I hear having an invoice template improves the efficiency of paying and getting paid in a business, that is something worth consider but I digress.
Learning how to start a Braille transcribing business comes with a number of rewards. Aside from the obvious-that you get to help the blind remain contributing members of society-you can also make a great income and enjoy a never-ending supply of work.

Example Braille Transcribing Business:

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