How to Start a Bench Advertising Business

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How to Start a Bench Advertising Business

This blog post will show you How to Start a Bench Advertising Business.

How to Start a Bench Advertising Business

How to Start a Bench Advertising Business

If you spend any time in the city, you probably know you can’t go far before seeing a bench, usually there for those who are waiting for the bus. You’ve probably also noticed that these benches are never blank. Instead, they carry advertisements for local businesses. Benches are to cities what billboards are to highways. Therefore, you may want to learn how to start a bench advertising business in order to capitalize on this opportunity.

Step 1: Assess Your Market

Chances are that the public spaces for bus benches will already be taken in most cities, though it’s worth looking into. While you’re at it, you should speak to your local government’s business office about renting any other areas near your home for the purpose of putting up benches.
Take your time in considering all your options for locations in your area. Speak to those businesses that own local shopping areas, parks, restaurants, etc. Anywhere a bench could conceivably go is an opportunity to make money. BUT MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR ROI!

Although learning how to start a bench advertising business begins with this business, it could arguably be the most important one.

Step 2: Buy Your Benches

For the vast majority of you, learning how to start a bench advertising business will involve buying the actual benches from professional manufacturers. Even if you’re fairly handy, trying to build them yourself will most likely prove to be more trouble than it’s worth.
Just like assessing your market, though, take your time in finding the best manufacturers for the job. The truth is that even if no one ever sits on your bench, you could still see plenty of money. After all, it’s when people aren’t sitting on your benches that they will do the most good.

Step 3: Start Marketing

Start your own website – create a website to market your bench ad business.

Once you have your benches installed, it’s time to begin marketing yourself. With the assistance of advertising companies who can make the marketing side of your business a lot easier to manage, you’ll soon start spreading the word about your company and get the attention of potential clients in no time at all!
For the most part, $100 a month should be a good price. However, this will depend on where you live and what similar advertising options go for. You’ll also need to factor in your rental costs for where you’re placing your signs.
You can also change your fees in the future. Right now, just make sure you’re covering all your costs. This business also works really well as a part-time source of income, meaning you don’t have to make a ton of money right away for this idea to work.
Learning how to start a bench advertising business is a great way to make a lot of money in your spare time. Best of all, as you can see, there’s hardly anything to it.

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