How to Make Your First Website

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how to make your first website
[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e will take you step by step in how to make your first website. Starting your first website can be an exciting experience and easy to do if you know where to begin.

There are several easy steps that you will need to take in order to start your own website.


QUICK START – launch your website

1) FIND A DOMAIN & SETUP HOSTING bluehost $3.95 / month special.

2) INSTALL WORDPRESS– one click wordpress install after sign up with bluehost.

3) CHOOSE A FREE OR PREMIUM THEME– Studiopress is who I use for premium themes (SEO ready, Fast Load Time, Solid Genesis Framework)

1) Find a Domain Name

The first step in how to make your first website is to find a domain name that you like. Go or Blue Host and start searching for potential website addresses (URL’s or Domains) that are available.

how to make your first website

how to make your first website

Domain Name Tips:

1)Select a “.com” if available, .org & .net usually next in demand.

2) Find a domain that is (AMAP) As Memorable As Possible.

3) Pick a domain that is (ASAP) As Short As Possible.

4) Here is a fantastic online tool that offers suggestions for short or creative domain names…

5) If you are having trouble brainstorming a name or domain here are two kickstart resources:

Seth Godin on Domains

Seth Godin – The New Rules on Naming

If you are starting a personal website or branding yourself as an expertmay want to first check the availability of your own name as the domain name and Iencourage you to reserve it if the “” is available. You may also develop other brand names butsecuring your regardless can be very valuable.

After you find your domain purchase it. If your not certain it will succeed I recommend only 1 year. Domains are typically $15 or less if they aren’t already purchased. If you find a domain that someone else has that you want you might be able to purchase it from them.

2) Host yourWebsite

The second step in how to make your first website is purchasing your hosting plan. What is website hosting?

Web hosting is where your website and website files are actually located, on a computer somewhere that’s accessible to the Internet. Web hosting is one thing you have to pay for to start your first website. Most everything else you can do or learn to do for yourself for free. There are lots of different hosting services to choose from, kynd host, for example, is currently one of the most popular. Each hosting service has unique features and you will find that they are all tailored towards specific sites such as e-commerce, podcasts, or blogs.

A good hosting company to use is I have an account at Bluehost and it has a very easy WordPress Hosting & Setup. It is the recommended Hostingsite of WordPress. I have also used There are various options. WATCH THEVIDEO TUTORIAL (above)- How to setup hosting and launch wordpress with Bluehost. My friend, who also has her own website, uses a web hosting site called HostiServer SSD Server, and she absolutely loves it! Find a hosting site you like and stick with it!

3) Install WordPress

Once you have bought your hosting plan you can begin to set up your website. Thethird step in how to make your first website is to then install WordPress and practice using it. WordPress is the most popular tool that people use to build their own website.

4) Install a WordPress Theme

The fourth step in how to make your first website is for you to install a WordPress theme that will help you customize your new website. There are lots of themes available and many that are free. I suggest you practice with the default theme before moving on to a more custom free theme or purchased premium theme.

My preferred place to get a theme is STUDIOPRESS – (This is theStudioPress theme that I use for this website: eleven40 Theme) these themes are excellent for Digital Meal SEO, also known as search engine optimization, are very built with a genesis theme framework,have quick load times,and can be modified/customized for your specific needs as well.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Another commonplace that beginners start isto get a premium theme from elegant themes. When I first began learning wordpress, I purchased the full theme membership and have used their various themes for various websites. They have great options and features that are simple to learn.
Other places for more specific theme categories include:
Classified theme(craigslist)
Hopefully this page helped you know how tomake your first website. Most of your learning will happen by just trying different options. Your first website will most likely be your practice site. Don’t worry too much about making it perfect. As you learn the steps to creating websites you will see how easy and simple WordPress is and how cheap it is to start a blog or website. Jump in and start your next business idea online.

5) Install WordPress Plugins, Analytics, and Setup

Thelast step in how to make your first website is to setup your theme and website including plugins, logo, analytics, and theme setup.

List ofPopular Plugins

  • WordPress SEO – by Yoast
  • W3 Total Cache – website load speed
  • SumoMe vs OptinMonster- for email opt-ins and pop ups
  • Collapse-O-Matic – for collapsible content
  • Updraft Plus – back up website
  • Blubrry Press – for Podcasts
  • Ninja Forms – setup a contact form, survey, or other form.

I will Set Up Your Website For You – For Free

If you have more questions, after reading this how to make your first website tutorial,need more information or help, or even want me to SET IT UP FOR YOU FOR FREE! contact me here.