Free logo design – How to create a free logo in five minutes

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the 5 minute logo free logo design tutorial

Below is a quick guide to fast and free logo design. Here are 3 easy ways to create basic free logos in under five minutes. This post covers both paid & free ways to create a business logo, but if you’re not happy after this you can go look at experts who handle areas like salon logos, for example.

Free Logo Design Method 1: Canva is a great resource for entrepreneurs because it is THE BEST & QUICKEST TOOL to create blog post images, social media images, presentation designs, and social media designs FOR FREE. While canva does have options to pay for their stock images and add ins…I have never paid a dime for using it and use it every day.

Canva – Free Image Design Website

How to Use Canva to Create a Logo

  1. Login to Canva
  2. Select a Design Demention
  3. Pick a Free Layout
  4. Import Your Image (from your free stock photo site)
  5. Add Your Text
  6. Save / Download & Your Done

Canva even offers training tutorials and tips (Canva Tutorials click here)

Free Logo Design Method 2: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, or Powerpoint), Paint, & Gimp

Another easy way to create a logo is to make your own logo free using a Microsoft Office program, paint, or Gimp. While the quality may not be as good as Canva or other paid options, getting use to using these tools will get you well on your way to editing images FAST & EASILY.

VIDEO – How to Create a Free Logo in 5 Minutes

Excel, Paint, Gimp Example


1) Download Gimp for free

2) Create your Brand in Excel, Word, Paint

3) Creat a PNG File with no background in Gimp

4) Voila! Vuala! A Free Logo

YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus

Free Logo Design Method 3: Panzoid

Another great free tool you can use for your logo or for creating the images for your youtube, facebook, or googleplus accounts (as well as other social media) is:


This is a nice tool if you don’t know how to manipulate images and sizes and is fairly easy to learn. I actually used this to design the written parts of the “my next business idea” logo. It is also a great tool not only for logo design, but for social media graphics design. Keep this tool in your back pocket.

Free Logo Design Method 4: Withoomph, BeFunky

Three more tools for image editing and design are Withoomph, Befunky, and Canva. These can be used to edit images or add text to a background that you load as another free logo design method. It is a great place to start if you only need a basic design and want it down in under five minutes (5 minute logo design).

Withoomph – “beautiful logos designed instantly”

BeFunky – “your favorite photo editor and collage maker”

Example post image design / logo made with BeFunky after finding a free background image.

what if my next business idea All Star Ideas

what if my next business idea All Star Ideas

Paid Logo Design Methods:

Competition Models – you post what you want & designers compete to offer what you want. Good results are typical.

  1. Crowdspring $269
  2. 99 Designs $299
  3. Logo Design Guru $239

Hire Method – find someone who’s work you like and higher them.

  1. Elance
  2. Google a local designer or industry specific designer.

Free Logo Design – The takeaway

While you may not be a designer, the tools above can be a great way to learn how to make your own free logo. If you have decided you would like to design your own logo after reading the information above, you might want to check this out. There are lots of reasons why you as a new business owner can use these resources and tools not only for your logo design, but also for social media pages, social media posts, advertising, blog posts, and more. It is especially important for new businesses that are trying to increase brand awareness, for example at the moment with the increase of medical marijuana companies being created in the USA and Canada, new companies are having to get extra creative with their marijuana logos in attempts to increase their business awareness in a saturated market as of current. Get used to working with images and design will definitely be an investment you can use in growing your business.

Let us know how it went and any other resources we can list. Thanks.