Four Fears Entrepreneurs Overcome


The Four fears entrepreneurs overcome daily
There are four fears entrepreneurs overcome both daily and during the start of their business. The responsibility can weigh you down. Luckily, using things like business intelligence tools makes your life much easier. These fears can come and go quickly, and thus must be recognized and overcome if an entrepreneur wants to be able to weather the challenges. These four fears entrepreneurs overcome can be both subtle and blatant. Have you experienced any of these fears?
Four Fears Entrepreneurs Overcome
1. Fear of failure
2. Fear of success
3. Fear of public criticism or difference of opinion
4. Fear of dissatisfaction by comparison trap
The Four fears entrepreneurs overcome daily

The Four fears entrepreneurs overcome daily

Fear of Failure

I don’t want to sacrifice a safe future, the employee says to himself when presented with a business idea. What if i fail? I don’t want to speak publicly the solopreneur says. What if i am boring? There are fears of failure everyday in everyones life.

Fear of Success
I was speaking with a Physician owner of a large IPA/Medical Group in California who characterized a physician who had left early on during the start-up phase of another group as being “afraid of success”. This comment puzzled me and made me think. Why would he be afraid of success?
With success comes responsibility. This is the big difference between the employee who shows up from eight to five then punches out, leaves their worries, and goes home while the entrepreneur responds at any time of the day when something is needed. Some people are afraid of responsibility and thus are afraid of success. To ensure that they are successful they need to be as organized as possible and prepared for any negatives that may come their way. Most importantly they should consider Business Banking Services – Atlantic Union Bank and other banks, which will allow them to manage their company more efficiently and keep an eye on their business funds. Therefore being organized can and will lead to success!

Fear of Criticism or Difference of Opinion
How easy is it to have a great idea and then as soon as you ask someone else their opinion a lack of enthusiasm from them will pop your balloon? In the competitive world of business, there are always going to be moments when you encounter someone with an opinion that is different from your own. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs who work in sales. However, there are steps you can take to frame your language in an influential way. Sales training courses provide entrepreneurs with tips and tricks to help businesses stand out from the crowd. For further information about the benefits of sales training for entrepreneurs, you can find out more here.

Fear of Dissatisfaction by Comparison Trap
Have you ever listened to Entrepreneur on Fire (a great podcast by the way) or another successful start up show? Often you can find yourself comparing your success, or lack of it, to others and feeling down about your potential or opportunities. This is a trap. Gain what you can from others, as it is the perfect chance for you to learn about the methods that can help to make an organization successful. For example, if you see that a company uses the best strategy execution software to help them manage their goals and activities more effectively, then you should consider doing something similar, especially if it has made a positive impact. Whilst this is a good idea, you must take care of realizing that you never see anyone else’s entire picture (believe me everyone has challenges) and you are called to your own road.

The solution. The How…Four Fears Entrepreneurs Overcome
Ok…(long pause)…faith?
Yes! Faith!
Faith that you can move forward inspite of these real or fake fears.

Nothing is accomplished without faith. If you don’t actually believe the idea is good, you won’t go to the next step to make it happen! If you don’t have faith that you have the resources or abilities to execute the idea, then you won’t launch or try it.

entrepreneurs need faith

entrepreneurs need faith

How to have Faith
Faith comes with trust and taking the next step. It comes from tackling actions that will demonstrate to us that we can “fail”, “succeed”, “be criticised”, “be different”, and still be completely content and satisfied. Once the joy of trying things and the potential of achieving great goals becomes clearer and closer you will have less resistence to overcoming these fears. You will have faith that inspite of these fears, the journey of risk is well worth the reward.
For me faith in God helps tremendously because i know He can work through my failure for permanent success. If i fail at a project it may lead me to better understanding a bigger challenge i am tasked with later in life. I also know, that no matter what…God will win in the end!
So jump in. Step out. Place your faith in God and the gifts he’s given you. And take the next step inspite of these fears.