When business ideas are successful and create value for those they serve, they are a blessing to the individual, family, AND their community. This site will SIMPLIFY the START UP PROCESS for your next business or project idea. And remember, when you start up your business, you need to make sure that all your financials are in order and get a 409a valuation sorted out for you to get the go ahead. Get involved and master the 3 steps of a Start-Up:

  1. IDEA
  2. MAP

Use the following resources, information, and community for your next idea.

About Me

Rainbow Bridge Lake powellI’m Erik. I’m a 34 year old husband & father, family businesses manager,mba, side solopreneur who lives in California. I believe I am very blessed to be alive, to be given Grace by God, and to have the opportunities I have each day.

If you are in the early stages of a new business, are looking for business ideas, and want to find opportunities to create value for others the following services may be for you. And even if you’re a little further along, perhaps menu engineering for your new restaurant, then keep reading, and you may well find something you’ve missed.


The Idea Framework is designed to give you a way to come up with ideas.

Use the four strategies to develop your own custom business ideas

  1. Push
  2. Pull
  3. Tweak
  4. Merge

The Idea framework will guide you through each of the four elements that make up an idea and provide you with a tool to brainstorm and create your own business idea. For example, if you wanted to research van financing so you can take your business on the road, write it down as an idea and brainstorm from that! (video series coming soon) Alternatively, you could look into opening a local coffee shop and base your research around lots of different coffee suppliers similar to this coffee supplier in Nottingham. Whatever your business idea, make sure you have thoroughly thought it through and understand the process of starting a business. Brainstorming is just one method you may find useful when setting up your business. But there are other methods you could use to help bring your ideas and thoughts together, you just have to find the right one for you.


The Idea Machine.io

Idea Machine (www.ideamachine.io) is a website tool offered by MyNBI as a live crowd sourced collection of business ideas and app ideas. The business ideas are collected from the internet and include sorting by Live Competition, Top, Hot, & New. Use the idea machine as a brainstorming tool, especially when you need to spark your creativity.

81 Online Business Ideas – Ebook

Another resource provided by MyNBI is an ebook titled, 81 Online Business Ideas: A Guide to Finding & Starting Your Next Online Business. The book offers many business ideas that can be started online and shares resources, industry leaders and teachers for each idea. This guide will save the beginner entrepreneur many hours of research not only with the long list of ideas but with the where to start information.

The Idea Library – click here

Real Custom Business Ideas

  1. Custom Online Business Ideas
  2. Custom Offline Business Ideas


My Next Business Idea (MyNBI) Community


Focus: Online Business Ideas vs Offline Business Ideas

Because a majority of this community are smaller entrepreneurs or solopreneurs who aren’t able to invest large amounts of money, the ideas will focus on smaller start up business ideas and plans. Low overhead business ideas have a huge advantage, namely you can fail without failing. Experiment without ruining the science lab. Try things without getting burned. Thus, lots of our business ideas will be online business ideas that may require less capital for start up. That being said, we will see how this BUSINESS IDEA COMMUNITY evolves.

My Next Business Idea Podcast – coming soon

Daily Ideas & Startup Stories Podcast

Daily Ideas is the segment of the podcast where business ideas are shared from a variety of places to spark your creativity.

Startup Stories is a podcast that emphasizes the 3 stages of a new business. Idea, Market Mapping, & Launch. The podcast drills down to find the key challenges and steps taken by each entrepreneur throughout these stages. Through startup stories and case studies the MyNBI community can apply the lessons to their business startups.

NewAppStartups.com / New Startups.io – coming soon

COMING SOON: My Next Business Idea publishes new startups as a way for you to stay connected to the startup community. Browse through the ideas and be inspired by entrepreneurs who are taking risk and launching their ideas. Connect with these entrepreneurs or use their experience to help create your own business startup.

I encourage you to submit any feedback, ideas, or comments. As a community we can create better ideas and better businesses.

Erik Lloyd